While Scopolamine is frequently used throughout Central and South America to commit crime by civilians, its history in the United States has been more limited to use by the CIA.  One reason for this is because the plants that grow in the United States do not produce this substance in natural form as the Burundanga trees do in Latin America.  One must extract the substance from plants, like henbane, in the U.S. 

The CIA has used the drug in mind-contral experiments beginning with Operation Artichoke, led by Mr. Frank Wisner of Laurel, MS.  This later morphed into MK-Ultra, with "MK" standing for mind control.  One may wonder why it wasn't spelled MC-Ultra, since "control" obviously starts with "c".  Research I see indicates this is because the name was germanized due to the influence of Nazi officers and scientists who were working in the program for the U.S. government's Central Intelligence Agency. 

Richard Helms CIATestimony during the Church Committee hearings in 1977 indicated that the CIA once wanted to catalog every anticholinergic plant in the world.  I don't know if they succeeded in this or not.  CIA Director Richard Helms testified that his agency disposed of the files related to MK-Ultra around 1973.  According to author Robert Ludlum, in his book The Ambler Warning, in actuality the program was just shifted to one of the Biological warfare divisions at Fort Detrick, MD.  

 Richard Helms


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